Glossy Magnetic Hiragana Set

Price – $165 set of 50

A complete set of Magnetic Hiragana, including Ten Ten, Maru and small Ya, Yu , Yo, and Tsu. Each character measures approximately 13cm x 13cm, and is individually laser cut from 2.4mm sturdy chipboard (paper based product), then painted with bright colours, and coated on both sides with a thick shiny gloss coat. (Characters that have separate pieces,  are designed so only one character will be painted that colour.) These Hiragana are perfect for creating words and phrases, and can be clearly seen on any whiteboard. Great to have children “arrange” characters with separate strokes on the whiteboard. All parts are separate and help children’s familiarity with the characters. Not suitable for children under 6 due to small parts. Kyokasho font.

Please note – These characters are breakable with force, and  should be used under adult supervision. Set comes complete in storage container.