Hiragana Mini Bean Bags

Price – $193.20 set of 46

A set of 46 Hiragana Mini Bean Bags with loads of fun uses to help children improve and recognize Hiragana. Additional Mini Bean Bags are also now available with small や、ゆ、よ and つ as well as Ten Ten and Maru. All Bean Bags can be purchased separately, or in a set of 46. Each Bean Bag has been screen printed by hand and triple stitched for extra strength, but are not suitable for children under 5 due to the small plastic beans. Each Mini Bean Bag measures approximately 10cm x 10cm.

Replacement Mini Bean Bags $4.20 each

A supplementary set of four Hiragana Mini Bean Bags with small  や、ゆ、よ and つ designed to complement the original set.

$16.80 set of 4