A4 Photo Flashcards

Price – POA

A series of laminated A4 sized flashcards including one large, modern photograph and title in Hiragana or Katakana. Fantastic to decorate , stimulate discussion, and encourage reading of script.

Topics available in portrait format include:

にほんかみ                            Traditional style Japanese hair style

うめのはな                            Plum Blossom tree

がしょうづくり                    World heritage listed traditional farming house.

マクドナルド                        McDonald’s employee outside holding menu

おおさかじょう                    Oosaka castle

さむらい                                Samurai

二本ドラマ                            Japanese Drama

キティ                                    Hello Kitty

アンパンマン                        Anpanman

きもの                                    Kimono (rear view)

げんばく ドーム                Peace Dome in Hiroshima

てるてるぼうず                    Traditional Japanese children’s toy believed to ward off rain

まねきねこ                            Lucky beckoning cat (black)

しんかんせん                        Bullet train

デザイナードッグ                “Designer Dog” dressed up in Harajuku Tokyo

ニホンザル                            Snow monkeys from Nagano – native to Japan.

にんじゃ                                Ninja

さだこのとう                        Sadako’s statue in Hiroshima Peace Park


Topics available in landscape format include:

しろ                                        Matsue Castle in Japan (Shimane ken)

かぶと                                    Traditional boy’s helmet for sale for Boy’s Day

だるま                                    Red and White Daruma with both eyes painted in

ひなにんぎょう                    Traditional Girls Day display on stand

ちょくばい                            Japanese market in Takayama

コスプレ                                Character dressed in Costume (Costume Play) in Harajuku, Tokyo

がっしょうづくり                Traditional Japanese world heritage listed farmhouse, Shirakawago in Gifu prefecture

たけしたどお                        World famous “Young People’s” shopping street on Sunday in Harajuku, Tokyo

きょうしつ                            Japanese primary school classroom

だるま                                    Daruma

ニホンザル                            Native Japanese Snow monkeys bathing in a natural onsen

ともだち                                Characters in traditional costume at EigaMura, Kyoto

まねきねこ                            Lucky beckoning cat (white)

えき                                        Helpful train employee beside typical train ticket machine

すし                                        Sushi

わが                                        Traditional hot “marshmallow” being made at a market in Takayama

しょうぼうしゃ                    Fire truck and firemen, in an emergency in Oosaka

にわ                                        Beautiful Japanese garden at Adachi Museum.

つる                                        Colourful paper cranes hanging at Sadako’s statue in Hiroshima

にんじゃ                                Ninja statue